My lecturing


Directing the panel discussion at the event Palliativ Zug, subject:

'Relatives between caring and self-care'


Conducting the impulse seminar at Female Business Seminars, subject:

‘Profiling yourself’


Kloster Kappel a.A: course leader, subject:

‘Sources of my strenghts’


Speech on ‘dealing with cancer patients-psychological aspects’ at Pro Senectute and Familienhilfe of Canton Zug


Speech on ‘crisis management with a focus on the situation of women’ at the advanced training session of the Swiss Midwives Association, Klinik Meissenberg Zug



Speech on ‘the oncology patient in the pharmacy 'at a training course of the Zuger Apotherverband, Zug



Speech on ‘crisis management’ at the Network Meeting on Mental Health Zug


Kloster Kappel a.A: course leader, subject: 'let go and take new steps'


Guest lecturer at University of Zurich in the seminar, different psychotherapeutic methods and settings' in the field of psycho-oncology and emergency psychology


Speech at  SME Swiss 'Stammtisch' on the topic 'Human resource in the company


Speech on scientific personality profiling at the symposium for indoor air hygiene Bern

Since August 2015

On a monthly base, presentations about personality models at e-stimate, Berne​



Annual Meeting of the VHL Association Switzerland, speech on the topic of 'Living with a hereditary disease, psychological aspects’


09./10. 05.2015

Kloster Kappel a.A: course leader, subject:

‘Sources of my strenghts’ ‘

16.11. 2013

MediQi, 7th National Day of TCM, several speeches on emotional exhaustion​


09.05. 2013

Gynecology Update Refresher Technopark Zürich, speech on 'Psychological Aspects of Familial Breast Cancer'​



Kloster Kappel a.A: course leader, subject: 'let go and take new steps'


Doctor training at Cantonal Hospital Zug, subject, The delivery of bad news ‘

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Sie erreichen mich telefonisch oder via E-Mail. Während den Sitzungen kann ich das Telefon nicht selber bedienen. Sie können mir via Combox eine Mitteilung hinterlasssen, ich rufe Sie zurück.


You can reach me by phone or via e-mail. During the sessions, I  will not be able to answer the phone myself. You can leave me a message via Combox and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Dr. phil. Denise Hürlimann

St. Wolfgangstrasse 29

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 Tel. 079 321 99 92


Dr. phil. Denise Hürlimann

Fachpsychologin für Psychotherapie FSP

St. Wolfgangstrasse 29

6331 Hünenberg

Tel. 079 321 99 92


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