"Even with stones that are placed in the way, you can build something beautiful." 

J. W. v. Goethe 


It is important for me to be able to dedicate myself to my patients, but my working day is also limited. Unfortunately, at the moment, it is not possible for me to accept new patients.


Denise Hürlimann

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Dr. phil. Fachpsychologin für Psychotherapie FSP

Supervisorin SGVT

Behavioral therapy · Psychooncology · Emergency psychology
Behavioural therapy and medicine
Whom for?

Psychotherapy literally means 'healing the soul'. In psychotherapy problems and diseases are treated, that concern the whole person. For example, mental suffering manifests itself in the form of fears, dependencies or interpersonal problems.

The term behavioural medicine stands for a multidisciplinary field. In this field health and disease mechanisms in humans are explored with the involvement of psychology, medicine, biology and other scientific disciplines. The aim is to make the findings of this research available for the treatment of diseases and the promotion of health. Behavioural therapy is all about personal change, new behaviour and new insights.

Behavioural psychotherapy is suitable among other things:

  • in treating anxiety, depression, dependencies

  • with interpersonal problems, problems in the social environment or in the workplace

  • in case of stress at home or at work

  • in case of problems related to chronic diseases

  • if you have to deal with problematic situations

  • if you have experienced something difficult and want help with processing

  • Individual therapy and counselling for adults

  • Couple and family therapy

  • Group therapy

  • Coaching

  • Crisis intervention, emergency psychology

  • Stress management

  • Psycho oncology: expert coaching of affected persons and relatives

  • assessments

  • Follow-up after hospitalization

Professional secrecy

The therapies can be held in Swiss German, German or English.

Psychotherapists are under secrecy. Everything that is discussed in therapy or counselling is strictly confidential and may not be shared without the consent of those affected.

Practice locations

Praxis Hünenberg

St. Wolfgangstrasse 29

6331 Hünenberg

Onkohämatologisches Zentrum der Andreasklinik

Rigistrasse 1

6330 Cham

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You can reach me by phone or via e-mail. During the sessions, I  will not be able to answer the phone myself. You can leave me a message via Combox and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Dr. phil. Denise Hürlimann

St. Wolfgangstrasse 29

6331 Hünenberg


 Tel. 079 321 99 92

 E-Mail: praxis@psychotherapie-huerlimann.ch

Dr. phil. Denise Hürlimann

Fachpsychologin für Psychotherapie FSP

St. Wolfgangstrasse 29

6331 Hünenberg

Tel. 079 321 99 92

E-Mail: praxis@psychotherapie-huerlimann.ch

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